I create cinema quality reviews for newage personal electric mobility/vehicle companies (PEV’s). If you are inquiring to work with me, please review the following:

  1. I will accept your product, in exchange for my unboxing and review of it.
  2. I will not pay for the PEV up front, one needs to be arranged to be shipped to my location. I will provide my address once we’ve established the partnership.
  3. If you would like to provide input or add specific information to the video, I will charge a small fee to include this.
  4. I will also make custom intros/logo animation for a designer fee. This can be discussed via email by filling out the form below (if we are not already in contact).

I am currently accepting any and all ebikes/escooters/euc brands to work with and create reviews on my channel. This also includes products related to that.

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I have created many ebike review videos for these companies:

Rattan LM-750
MacWheel LNE-26
Zero 9 Scooter
Ariel Rider Rideal
HeyBike Mars
Lectric XP

And many more videos about all of these wonderful brands. Would you like me to review one of yours?

    About me

    I am centrally located in the United States. I have been a graphic artist and video editor, professionally, for 20+ years. I have filmed, edited, and created 100+ short films through various means across the Internet. I am very active on social media and share my passion for electric vehicles throughout them all. I post daily on my Instagram Stories and Feed and a regular on Facebook groups, where I share knowledge and photos of all of my rides.

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    Thank you for your time, and let me know if you have any questions!