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Hello there! Got a little something special for you. I wanted to give back a little something to the community that’s helped me so much this year. I won’t get into a long spiel. All I will say is, thank you for your support! All the likes and comments on my videos throughout the last year, truly makes me happy and I love talking to each and everyone of you! Thanks for the engaging conversations that we’ve all had in the comments section, my FaceBook Group, and my Discord Channel. Each and every one of you has played a part in that. 🙏🏻 If you’re new here, hello! Join the fun! I upload PEV content on a regular basis, and would love for you to stick around.

The last few months, I have been teaming up with a few of the following companies, to provide some really cool products to a very lucky winner. I’ve been using each of these products this year, with my all of my ebikes, my escooters, and my EUCs. Here’s what you have an opportunity to win during my giveaway: 

  • Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker (claimed)(Review: This thing is awesome! I have not stopped using it since owning it and they have remarkable sound!
  • AirXwills Portable Air Pump (claimed)( I use this almost every ride to keep my tires inflated. It’s been a life saver.
  • Greerride Head Lamp (claimed)( This little like is so cool. It is bright, has flashing capabilities, and can mount to your helmet or your bike with the included mounts. It’s definitely a great safety feature.
  • Hafny bike mirror (claimed)( If you haven’t heard of these, they are probably one of the best mirror options on Amazon. I use them on all my bikes. They are much better than the cheap options, as they are made with more durable plastic, and the mirror is actually glass, not plastic, like the other options.
  • Rdffensy Bike Bag (claimed)( This bad is big enough to hold a lot of stuff, but fits on the bike well. I have so many pockets to store your items, and you can easily tke it off to transport it with the included carrying strap.
  • Bikally Bike Seat (claimed)( This seat is comparable to the Cloud 9 comfort seat that everyone raves about.
  • ILM helmet of your choice (claimed)( . You can pick any style/color from their website. The winner will just let me know which one they want. I have two ILM helmets. I love them! Use them all the time. They have full motorcycle helmets, bike helmets, dirt bike helmets, and so much more. They are highly rated on Amazon for being an affordable option, due to their low cost and high quality product.
  • EggRider V2 (claimed) Bluetooth ebike display (Install video: I’m not going to write too much about this, but it’s such an awesome add-on for many bikes. It basically reprograms the stock EBike controller on your bike, and allows for bluetooth connectivity to monitor and keep stats of your bike.
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card (claimed)

4 Simple Rules to Enter

  1. Like this video
  2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (
  3. Comment on the video above and tell me what product(s) interests you the most.
  4. Follow my blog, as I will be posting the winners here!

Contest Information

  • Contest ends on December 31st, 2021. 
  • Each winner will be able to claim 2 prizes.
  • I will announce all of the winners here on my blog, once prizes are claimed.
  • If prizes are unclaimed after a week, I will offer them to someone else.
  • As you can tell, this may take some time to announce the winners, so please keep an eye out for my message/comment/blog.
  • Once announced, you can either email me or message me on Instagram/Facebook
  • Prize must be claimed within 1 week of the announcement
  • Once the prizes are claimed, I will ship them out directly to you, so that you can get them before the Holiday Season. Unfortunately, if you claim your prize late,
  • The EggRider will be shipped out separately from their warehouse. I will provide them your information. Shipment may not be delivered by Christmas, as it’s coming directly from Europe.
  • The helmet will be a style/color of your choice from ILM’s website ( Once you decide which one you want, I will provide them this information and they will ship it out directly to you. You should also get this before Christmas. 


  1. You must live in the lower 48 states in the US to be eligible for the prize
  2. You must claim your prize within one week of the announcement. I will draw another name if that does not happen.
  3. Winner is picked by a random draw

This little eBike/eScooter/EUC holiday giveaway has something for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to have a bike/scooter to enter, but do know, most of the items in this holiday bundle are PEV related. 

Share with your friends. If you know someone that has an eBike/eScooter/EUC, or even just a normal bike/scooter, tell them about this! They will definitely be interested in most of the things being offered. Everyone deserves a chance to win, so share the love! 👍🏻 

Good luck and Happy Holidays!