I’ve been riding around on the Veetireco E-Huntsman for a few weeks now, so I’ve really gotten a chance to test them out. I really love the aggressive stance they put off. A unique off-road/all-terrain style tire. Something you’d see on a lifted Jeep or Toyota, or something like that. You know, the ones you hear coming from miles away, because their tires are so loud? But these tires, they’re not loud at all. Actually, you can barely hear them at all, even while riding the bike. Now they’re not as quiet as the Veetireco Speedsters or Zig-zags that I have. You can actually hear these a tiny bit, but it’s so much quieter than the stock fat tires by the likes of CST-BFT or Chaoyang Dinoskins. The Huntsman are so much quieter than those. They also provide a ton of traction both on and off-road. 

They do throw dirt and rain water up a ton though. Don’t remove your fenders on your bike like I did! After the rain this past week, there are a ton of puddles around my house. Well, some of them were unavoidable, so I had dirt all up on the front of me after today’s ride. If you live in a rainy/snowy/muddy area, I’d keep those fenders on if you go with these tires. I’d probably say that for any tire. Not all of us live in Cali, DavidBrandNew! I’m still taking my fenders off though. Maybe after my offroad test.

Oh that’s right! I forgot to tell you! I’m making an off-road video about all the Veetire’s as well. So make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, to stay informed on when those videos are coming. I’m working on the script for that as we speak!

I know these tires are hard to find. They are always sold out on their website and it is hard to catch them when they come back in stock. You just need to check the website on a regular basis. I was told by the owner that they should be back in stock at the end of May. I will make another video or post as soon as I find out when they are back in stock. So, if you’re not subscribed, please do so and keep an eye out. I’m watching the site daily for you, so I’ll post about it as soon as I see them go on sale! 

So, out of the three different Veetireco tires, which one do I like the most? Well, you’re going to have to stay tuned for one of my next videos to find that out. I will be comparing all three tires in one video in the near future. We’ll do a road noise test, with a high quality microphone, so you can get a feel just how loud/quiet each of them are. Yes, I’ll throw a pair of CST-BFT’s in the mix as well, for comparison. Spoiler alert! The Veetireco’s fat tires are so much better than the CST’s/Chaoyangs.

Thanks for reading this review. If you are interested in these tires, or anything else related to electric bikes, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting a lot of videos this summer. I’m working on a few good ones for you all!