Apple AirTag holder is available now in my online store!

I shot this video over the course of a few months. I’ve been actively researching and acquiring the locks and security devices in this video. It was a long project, but turned out awesome!

If you have any questions about e-bike security, this is your video. It should help point you in the right direction, to securely leave your bikes sight. I touch on many topics related to locking your bike up, bluetooth trackers, and much more. Please make sure you watch the whole video! It’s a good one!

Here is the AirTag Article I was talking about:

  • Intro: 00:00
  • Robbery: 00:15
  • Tracking with AirTags: 00:49
  • Unboxing the AirTags: 02:00
  • Setting up AirTags: 04:17
  • How to secure your ebike to a bike rack: 05:10
  • Close-up of the Locks: 15:01
  • Juiced Bikes Alarm/Horn 27:22
  • How to secure your fat tire ebike to a pole: 28:57
  • AirTag Keychain / Zip-Tie Holder: 32:52